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Mod. S50/ORO

Technical specifications
Productions2000 pairs/8h
Air volumePer cycle Lit 22
VoltageV. 400/50
Power ConsumptionKw 0,250
Net Weight1080,27 lbs

7 nails + screw automatic pneumatic and electronic heel nailing machine with strengthened sequence nailing programmable with touch screen system equipped with a 14 nails + screw loader set for nails of 4 lenghts with an east-west oriented hinged stand-jack. S50/ORO is equipped with a system that allows applications of heels using nails up to 32 mm of lenght. This heel nailing machine is equipped with many tools, that make a versatile machine, which allows a rapid changes of production, starting to the loader that is equipped with a programmable device for different lenght of nails present in the same loader and the related automatic barrel holder with 3 set positions, to which joins the automatic programmable device for choice of nail holder blocks according to the stand selected. The work of operator has further from an adjustable pneumatic rest for positioning nailing in the sandal and from a projector for centering the screw on the stand, all assisted by a spotlight that lights up properly the work place.

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