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Mod. 130/T

Technical specifications
Air volume
VoltageV. 230/50
Power ConsumptionKw 3,8
Net Weight485,017 lbs

Automatic coupling machine with conveyor belt for thermo-fusible materials. MOD. 130/T is an automatic coupling machine for thermo-fusible materials. Operator prepares the upper and the fabric thermo-sticker on the table, that is part of the machine, and he starts its on the tape. Thanks to a transport system composed of two tapes heated (one upper and one lower) the machine re-actives the thermo-glue and performs the coupling procedure, then the coupled material is downloaded automatically in a box at the rear This roller system with tape allows a perfect coupling without the operator stop the working sequence to operate other controls, allowing and increase of productivity. MOD. 130/T has a double heating system, managed by an electronic control of the temperature. The machine is also equipped with a cooling system for an automatic turning off, allowing the use of it until the end of workshift.

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