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Mod. CT1632

Technical specifications
Pneumatic8 bar 500 l/min
Air volume
VoltageTrifase 400 VAC - 50 Hz - 10 Kw
Power Consumption
Net Weight5908 lbs

The vacuum surface is divided in little dimension sectors, which increase a lot the vacuum power, and with the use of a high efficiency vacuum pump, there is a significant save of power consumption. The system of machine’s functions with Ethernet Real Time Ultra High Speed technology, in Windows system, connects quantity, shape and size of materials of the machine side works. Interactive nesting is provided of direct high luminosity projection and of one monitor for the separated management of work surface. Sabal model CT 1632 CNC cutting system: reliability,quality and productivity without compromises. Cutting area 1600 x 3200 possibility to work in only one area or to divide as you like the area, permitting in this way a simultaneous or alternate management of positioning, cutting and part’s discharging. CT 1632 is suitable for cutting technical materials (PE foam, bakelite, stainless steel graphite, PVC, EVA, gasket, MDF, composite, sole leather, foamed rubbers) with a thickness up to 50 mm. Multi-tool cutting head. Cutting head with two tools is equipped with: one pen and one oscillating blade which downward movement on the material is managed by a given axis. The cutting head can also be equipped with one MILL complete with waste suction.

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