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Mod. 194
Toe puff fusing press

Main features:
- This machine has been conceived to fuse every type of thermoadesive tip of any size and thickness to the upper by means of pressure and heat.
The operator joins the tip to the upper, then, he positions both of them on the lower working table covered with felt.
By pressing the two start buttons the machine working cycle will be started:
- The upper bent pressing head heated and covered with Teflon comes down and melts the thermoadesive cementing agent of the tip, thus joining the tip to the upper.
- Once the pre-set pressing time has come to an end, the pressing head reaches its position and it is now ready for the next working cycle.

- The working cycle will not begin if the two start buttons are not pressed simultaneously.
- The operator has always the possibility to interrupt a working cycle by pressing the special emergency button.
- By using this machine, it is possible to always obtain an even melting also on uppers having a different thickness since the machine heated part is assembled with a self-balancing system.
- Both the temperature and the pressing time are electronically controlled. They can be adusted and are independent in order to ensure the compatibility of any type of material.
- The machine complies with accident prevention regulations.

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