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Mod. 4200
4 stations rotary backpart moulding machine

Opening out cushion

Hot and cold working for any type of upper: the machine is especially suited for thermoplastic or thermoadhesive counters.

SERIE 4500
Versions available
MOD. 4200: opening-out cushion, 4 hot stations
MOD. 4500: bell-shaped inflatable cushion, 4 hot stations
MOD. 4550: opening-out cushion, 4 hot stations + 4 cold stations

Moulds and pads created from the customerís designs. Simplified pad setting for adaptability to machine mould. Quick changing pads. Fast and easy replacing of moulds without any dispersion of cooling liquid. Moulds turn over on cold stations to allow for a clear and ample view of the rear section of the upper and stitchin. Pull-down pincers for uppers, with millimetric setting. Adjustment of gripping area on the upper based on the curvature of the mould. Adjustable support reference pointer in the cold stations to allow for constant positioning of tension for the upper on the last, increasing productivity. Pressing on upper by levers, suitable for materials of any thickness. Powerful liquid cooling unit. Electronic control of rotation speed. Text-display for setting control. Machine equipped with electro sensitive protective decive.

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