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Mod. 300 ORO
7 nails + screw automatic, pneumatic and electronic heel-nailing machine with programmable sequence equipped with a 14 nails + screw loader set for nails of 4 lenghts, with an east-west oriented hinged stand-jack

Complete with:
G1300/1 - modular hold down with manual adjustment
OPT 5 - projector for centring the screw on the last support
OPT 7/A - automatic programmable device for choice of nail holder blocks according to the Last support selected
OPT 21 - adjustable pneumatic rest for positioning nailing in the sandal
OPT 34 - programmable device for different lenght of nail in the 14 nail loader and screw
OPT 34/A - automatic barrel holder with 3 set positions
OPT 41 - illuminated work position (spotlight)
OPT 42 - chest of drawers for storing tools
OPT 45 - electrical nail remover with rest
OPT 100 - video camera with monitor (for checking nailing in boots)
CRP - Quick change last support
1230/7 A - self-centring shoe adjuster

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