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SABAL SPA was  founded  in 1977 and it was the first company to design and produce heel nailing machines with nailing sequence, thus proving of great help to the shoe industry in such a critical stage. Today SABAL SPA is not only a leading company offering a wide range of heel nailing machines, heel fixing machines and moccasin ironing machines, but it also produces machines for fixing, finishing and coupling heel and seat, quarter shaping machines, flattening machines, heel screwing machines, back-part moulding machinescambering machines and coupling machines. SABAL SPA, whose products have reached a most technologically advanced level, exports its products all over the world and it is able to satisfy the needs of craftsmen and of industry as well.Thanks to its highly qualified engineering department and skilled staff SABAL SPA steadily engages in research to study solutions, that make its products innovative and avant-garde, besides complying with the requirements of the shoe industry.The quality and the reliability of SABAL SPA ‘s products is guaranteed by its qualified staff and by the use of numerical control machines. Customer service is one more strong  point of SABAL SPA, that is well-known as a company always ready to offer help and technical assistance to its customers. The sales department is steadily monitored by the sales manager.

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